Catering Menus

Catering Menus

Taste the World with!

To satiate your curiousity, we have listed a few of our popular catering menus below. Remember, we are able to customise to your request so all you have to do is reach out! We have other menus and also customise to your requests. In addition, we have many Vegan & Gluten Free options available per personal request!

Please email us at [email protected] to book us for your next event!

East Meets West Finger Foods Buffet

Chef Damien of Global Kitchen

Rye Bread Crostini Topped with a chive and dill cream, cheese, pickled cucumber, smoked & gravlax salmon (Finland)

Middle Eastern Style Meatball Spiced with Sumac Zatar & Cumin served with Tzaiki (Middle East)

Thai Fresh Spring Rolls Stuffed with Vegetable served with a nam Jim dipping sauce (Thailand)

Thai Gai Vange Galae, Coconut Milk, Grilled Chicken (Thailand)

Shrimp with Cucumber, Radish and Avocado with Soya Wasabi and Mayo (Japan)

Spanakopita Greek Spinach and Feta Filo Pie (Greece)

Traditional & Authentic Indonesian Finger Foods Buffet

Chef Evita of Coconut Kitchen

Gado Gado Salad with Peanut Sauce  (Vegan option – no eggs)

Ayam Goreng Mentega: Fried chicken in soya sauce

Indonesian Kwetiau Goreng: Fried Kwetiau Noodle (Vegan & Chicken option)

Krupuk Shrimp Crackers

Acar: pickled vegetables (Vegan)

Authentic Turkish Fingerfoods (Vegan menu)

Chef Elif of Keks Helsinki

Kisir : Fresh bulgar salad 

Sigara böregi : Turkish filo pastry rolls, filled with potato

Lentil balls : Flavourful balls made with lenti, bulgar & various greens

Icli köfte : Bulgar “veganballs” stuffed with green lentils

Carrot bites: Sweet carrot dessert with walnuts and coconut (light version of Turkish ‘cezere’)

Authentic & Traditional Malaysian Cuisine

Chef Jerlene Lee

Curry Puff (Vegan)

Nasi Lemak: a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf (Vegan or Chicken options)

Roti Jala with Curry Chicken & Potato: Lacy pancake with curry chicken

Braised Tofu with Corn Chips (Vegan)

Spiced Chicken Wings

More menus:

United by Chaos Menu (by Maku Global) <- Click to see .pdf menu! 97% Vegan!

Finnish Design Shop International Flavours of Finland (by<- Click to see .pdf menu! 90% Vegan & Gluten Free!